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In collaboration with The Child Center of NY and City National Rochdale, Techworks provided time and equipment to donate to underserved families and children.


Bohemia, NY, November 6, 2018 – Techworks Consulting partnered with City National Rochdale to provide refurbished computers to their client, The Child Center of NY, to be donated to underserved families and children. City National and Techworks both provided computers and monitors from their respective inventories to be prepped for donation.

The Techworks Consulting team donated their time and expertise to test, rebuild and install components, then configure and refurbish the donated computers in order to ensure the devices are suitably functional for everyday and future use.


It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Techworks as a team, to help accomplish this collective goal for our client, our community, and most importantly, the children,” said Christopher Cable, Service Manager at Techworks Consulting.

Techworks hand delivered the equipment to The Child Center of NY headquarters in Queens, NY. From there, the organization will distribute them to local families in need.

Steve Donowitz, Chief Financial Officer of The Child Center of NY, said, “Techworks has become a bit more than just a vendor to The Child Center of NY. With as much technical assistance and expertise they provide (and as often as they’re here!), we’ve gotten to know them as colleagues as well, so it is especially gratifying to see their continued generosity manifest in such a positive way that directly benefits the clients we serve.”


This project is part of the company’s “Techworks Gives Back” initiative to encourage their staff to make a positive impact on their community. This includes supporting their non-profit clients’ missions by participating and sponsoring projects and fundraising events they host. Techworks is also a member of various non-profit organizations on Long Island including the Ronkonkoma Rotary and the Hauppauge Industrial Association and do their part to participate and sponsor events to help causes the organizations align with.

“We do our best to donate time, technology and/or funding when the opportunities come about, and we are always looking for new ways to better our community.” said CEO of Techworks, Christopher Coluccio.


With over 14 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, Techworks Consulting, Inc. has been able to offer a unique skillset that not only includes general IT support but also provides support in area such as: Compliance, HIPAA, Accounting, and Funding. They understand that non-profit organizations have a unique set of challenges that traditional IT providers just do not understand. Working closely with numerous non-profit organizations over the years has given Techworks unique insights into their goals and struggles and allowed them to develop technology solution and processes that help organizations both overcome those struggles and meet or exceed their goals. If you would like more information about Techworks Consulting, Inc. and what they can offer your business, call them at (631) 285-1527, email, or visit their website

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