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At Techworks Consulting, Inc. we are always looking for opportunities to innovate and make things easier for our clients.  We are pleased to be partnering with Wise-Pay for all Direct Debit and Credit Card payments from 6/27/2022 onward.

 What will this mean for you?

  • You can create a Wise-Pay login – which allows you to pay any other invoices via Direct Debit (or credit card) if you wish. 
  •  You do not need an account to pay an invoice, all you will need to gain access is the invoice number.
  • Invoices will continue to be released prior to the Direct Debit date of each month.
  • If you chose to pay via Credit Card, surcharges are automatically applied for Visa / Master Card / Discover (3.0%) or AMEX (3.5%) and an invoice is issued at the time of payment for the surcharge for your records. 
  • We will be waiving these surcharges until 7/31/2022 as you get used to the new system.
  •  Auto-Payments that were previously configured have been brought over to the new system.


Invoices will contains a Pay Now button and you have a couple of different payment options once you click the Pay Now link:

  • Login: If you already have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you are able to Login and have the choice to pay the invoice via credit card or bank debit, and, depending on the Merchant's setting, you can choose whether to make the payment in real-time or schedule it for a later date. If you have payment methods saved in Wise-Pay, these will be displayed to you.
  • Continue as Guest: If you don't yet have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you can simply Continue as Guest. With this option, you are only able to pay via credit card in real-time.
  • Register: If you don't yet have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you can choose to Register during the payment process to access Bank Debit payments, and the ability to schedule a payment for a later date. Simply click the 'Save Information for next time' checkbox at the bottom of the 'Payer Information' section.


To Access: Please email us at or call us 631-285-1527 option #3 and we can send them a welcome email to the portal. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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