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Intelligent remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and behind-the-scenes remote support.

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Limiting downtime and optimizing the network of your new location or upgrading your existing one.

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When you just want IT to work!

There are a lot of computer shops out there that you can call up to fix an issue or install a piece of equipment. They might be able to get you out of crisis mode, but they aren’t looking at the full picture.

At Techworks Consulting, we understand business. We consult. We provide solutions to solve everyday challenges. We just happen to fix computers as well.

We believe (and have proven) that if you proactively manage technology, run maintenance religiously, and monitor a business network, everyday issues and downtime will be greatly reduced.

This is what makes us different than your typical tech support company. Sure, we can fix computer issues when you have them, but our specialty is preventing them in the first place.

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      What Our Clients Say

      • Techworks came to my rescue!
        Career Smarts

        Techworks came to my rescue! I needed to get all my computers back up and working in order to carry on my small business. I would definitely recommend them to any company!

      • John's Farms

        Got a problem, need professional help, call Techworks!

      • Child Center of New York

        Techworks has been fantastic to work with. Responsive, professional, sense of humor when needed! I am very pleased with how they communicate and solve IT challenges. First class act!

      • National Response Corporation (NRC)

        Your engineer was excellent in helping me resolve an outstanding issue at one of our remote sites. He was extremely knowledgeable, and very courteous and polite as we worked to resolve the issue. Every time I work with Techworks, I receive top-notch service, and I have always been satisfied with the outcome. I wish working with all my other vendors and consultants was as easy.

      • Communication Strategy Group
        Communication Strategy Group

        Techworks managed our migration to Office 365 without disrupting our workflow. They were professional and consultative in their approach -- offering suggestions for process improvement along the way. I highly recommend them to other local Long Island small businesses who are growing and need new technology solutions for their businesses.

      • Brooklyn Kindergarten Society
        Brooklyn Kindergarten Society

        Quick response; problem solved. Life should always be so easy. Thanks.

      • Richard E. Zacharoff LLC
        Richard E. Zacharoff & Associates LLC

        Always courteous, efficient and get the job done in a timely manner.

      Latest Blogs

      No, Apple and Google Are Not Tracking Your Health

      As such, we felt it was necessary to discuss these developments to try and clear up a few misconceptions that have arisen, particularly on social media.

      This has become a predictable chain of events: some popular application or platform is updated, misunderstandings and misinformation abound, and uproar pops up on social media. For instance, look back to the response to Facebook’s Android application requesting access to a smartphone’s camera. Instead of simply accepting this as a necessity for Facebook’s new photo capabilities, theories and outrage popped up on social media.

      Of course, we aren’t saying that changes in technology are always good by any stretch, especially if a user’s privacy is involved. We just want to make sure that the misinformation out there doesn’t cloud your judgement. You can’t trust giant tech companies to act in your best interests (as if their data collection practices hadn’t already made that abundantly clear), so you should always have some degree of skepticism.

      In this case, however, we’ve noticed an unnecessarily extreme response to the application framework that Apple and Google developed to assist contact tracing processes.

      Did Google or Apple Install a COVID-19 Tracking App on My Phone?

      There’s a simple answer to this: they did not. Neither Apple or Google have added an application to their mobile devices without your knowledge or consent.

      What Google and Apple have done is develop an application framework, which makes it easier for app developers to create COVID-19 tracking applications. This news, however, resulted in posts like this one appearing on Facebook:


      A COVID-19 sensor has been secretly installed into every phone. Apparently, when everyone was having “phone disruption” over the weekend, they were adding COVID-19 Tracker [SIC] to our phones!

      If you have an Android phone, go under settings, then look for google settings and you will find it installed there.

      If you are using an iPhone, go under settings, privacy, then health. It is there but not yet functional.

      The App can notify you if you’ve been near someone who has been reported having COVID-19.”

      Here’s the thing: almost all the information shared here is very misleading.

      The update that this post is referring to was just a new setting that enables the COVID-19 Exposure Notification system. The user still needs to install an application and activate the Exposure Notification system setting, confirming their participation with their chosen platform’s developer.

      All this update does is give local governments and health industry members the starting point to build a COVID-19 application, while also providing users the choice to participate,

      So No, This “App” Doesn’t Track COVID-19

      Without you actively installing a tracking application, your mobile device isn’t going to use your activity to help mark the spread of COVID-19. In fact, if we look at the alarmist Facebook post above, we can even see that a participating application needs to be installed and set up before you can receive notifications.

      Google and Apple shared a joint public statement, stating, “What we’ve built is not an app—rather public agencies will incorporate the API into their own apps that people install.”

      An API is an Application Programming Interface, the application’s foundation that we’ve been discussing. Because Apple and Google have teamed up on this project, application developers will have an easier time building COVID-19 tracking applications.

      It also makes it easier for a user to opt out, which could be an issue. If too many people opt out of this kind of system, the data is no longer totally reliable. As a result, the system could be left ineffective.

      What Do We Know About This Platform So Far?

      First, any responsibility for official applications built will fall to state and local governments.

      Second, Apple and Google have created a platform that is decentralized by nature, assisting in its security. Once a user opts in, their phone is assigned a random ID. This ID is then exchanged with other participating phones within Bluetooth range, all phones storing a roster of IDs that they have been in proximity to.

      If someone were to be diagnosed with COVID-19, that information could be manually shared with the contact tracing application. With the user’s consent, any phone whose ID had been recorded on that phone would be notified of their potential exposure—without sharing the actual location, any identities, or any of that data, even with Google or Apple. These apps aren’t allowed to use your location or track it in the background, and the ID of the phone is randomly changed every 10 to 20 minutes.

      This all adds up to complete anonymity, and renders opting out as simple as not downloading any official or unofficial tracking apps.

      “Uninstalling” the Exposure Notification

      Here’s the thing: this system isn’t an application. Instead, it is an API, which means that uninstalling it is not a simple (or even a particularly safe) process. Technically, it can’t be uninstalled, as it is incorporated into the Android and iOS operating systems themselves and is updated via security update.

      Some Internet digging might lead you to a walkthrough or two that explains how you could roll back the OS on your phone, but doing so also leaves you vulnerable to the other security threats that these updates protect you from. In short, doing so is a bad idea.

      The added API is just a setting that is, by default, deactivated. Both Google and Apple have confirmed that simply not installing (or uninstalling) a COVID-19 exposure notification app is sufficient to opt out of participating.

      And, once again:


      If privacy is truly that important to you, why would you do anything that puts that privacy at even greater risk?

      From our perspective as an IT professional, the COVID-19 Exposure Notification system seems to have been built with security and anonymity as the top priority. It would have to be, as it would also need to comply with healthcare regulations. Our clients should be very familiar with how strict these regulations are when data privacy enters the mix.

      Either way, whether you use the COVID-19 Exposure Notification system is your choice. Just know that both Google and Apple have done their due diligence to ensure your security and privacy.

      To learn more about the technologies we’ve described here, reach out to our team here at Techworks Consulting. Call 631-285-1527 today.

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      Let’s Take a Look Around Android 11

      New Home Screen Features

      Google has added some options into Android 11’s Home screen. It will now have a feature that shows suggested applications toward the bottom that are based on a user’s activity. The more use an app gets, the more frequently it will be suggested.  This may not be for everyone, however, and can be toggled off. To do so simply long press the Home screen and navigate to Home settings. From there you can configure your experience further. 

      More Customization of Notifications

      In Android 11, users will be able to categorize their notifications into tiers. Important messages will be at the top, while not so urgent ones will be toward the bottom. Obviously, like with many other versions of the Android OS, notifications can be completely customized. A cool extension to this feature is that certain messaging apps can have conversations that are prioritized, giving users a more efficient way to get a hold of the people they frequently interact with.

      The Power Menu

      In what is a complete overhaul of the power button menu, Android 11 expands on the Lock, Restart, and Power off options, adding options to use Google Pay on demand, customize the settings on your smart home devices, and check any camera feeds you’ve connected. To get to this menu simply select Settings > System > Gestures > Power menu.

      Simple Screenshots

      Screenshots have always been a little wonky in the Android OS, but in Android 11, Google has made this useful tool much simpler. Additionally, Android 11 will feature a screen recording capability that can be accessed through your Quick Settings after some customization. 

      To activate this feature, you need to get in and customize your device’s Quick Settings. To accomplish this drag down on the notification shade and select the edit button in the bottom corner (yes, the pencil icon). Scroll until you see Screen Recorder. Long-press and drag it into the Quick Settings panel and you’re good to go.

      Android OS keeps getting better and better; and with a myriad of awesome new devices to run it on such as the Samsung Galaxy s20, Google Pixel 4 XL, and the upcoming, business-centric Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra it will continue to be a world leader in mobile device technology.

      Are you looking forward to Android 11? Leave your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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      What are Unified Communications, Exactly?

      Let’s go over why a unified communications system is precisely the thing to satisfy this need.

      Understanding Unified Communications

      When you hear the term “unified communications,” you should know that it describes a business communications strategy that relies on a diverse mix of solutions to ensure that everyone is able to collaborate freely and comprehensively. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see this strategy referred to as UCC, or unified communications and collaboration.

      Of course, while communications and collaboration are closely related, they are not synonymous terms.

      How Communications and Collaboration Differ

      As a real-life example, let’s say that Mary and Bob are neighbors who both enjoy gardening. “Communication” would describe the fact that Mary and Bob could converse with one another, without considering what the subject is. While Mary and Bob could very well communicate about their gardens, they could also communicate about the weather, the latest episode of a TV show they both watch, or any other topic. “Collaboration” would be more accurately demonstrated if they spent the time they were communicating by exchanging gardening tips or cultivating their shared compost pile.

      So, some communication is necessary to collaborate, but there can be communication without collaboration.

      How Unified Communications Offer Benefits

      There are considerable benefits that businesses can enjoy by introducing unified communications to their operations.

      Teams can work more productively and perform better. With improved access to shared resources and the ability to collaborate effectively using their UC tools, more higher quality work can be accomplished by your employees. This is the case whether your team is in-house or operating remotely.

      User experience is improved. By giving your team the tools they need to work together properly, their overall experience will be elevated. This will not only allow them to be more productive, as we mentioned, but it will also assist your staff’s workplace satisfaction levels.

      Improved rates help businesses budget more effectively. Due to the cloud-based nature of UC platforms, they can be budgeted as an operational expense, rather than the far less predictable capital expense. This makes your business’ available finances much more flexible.

      Tie communication into everything you do. This is where the “unified” comes into unified communication. The idea is that all communication automatically flows and gets tracked. All communication for a project stays available for everyone working on the project. Nothing gets lost in the mix, and no one, including your clients and customers, are left out of the loop.

      Techworks Consulting is here to help businesses with their essential business technology needs, including the implementation and maintenance of unified communication platforms. To learn more (or to get started) reach out to us at 631-285-1527.

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      In a rare turn of events, Google and Apple have teamed up with local governments to help slow the ongoing spread of COVID-19. How would you like an app that could notify you if someone you had been in proximity to had tested positive for COVID-19? As useful as this collabora...

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